Miroir des formants

Thierry Balasse’s idea with this solo piece is to bring live on stage a studio of electro acoustic music. Thus the audience can discover all his personal composition tools, such as a Minimoog synthesizer, a Theremin, feedback rings, CD player and various sound objects.




All sounds will be treated digitally and played via a small loudspeaker orchestra. Thierry Balasse develop its knowhow musical worlds, different each time, with slowing backs and random effects, driven by a digital station “Merging”.

Music written and improvised by Thierry Balasse


Estimated length: 50 minutes

Technical information: 
Dimensions minimum of the stage: Width: 8 meters minimum at the frame // Depth: 6 meters // Height: 5 meters

Tour team: 2 people: 1 musician and 1 stage manager

Arrival of the team D-1 // Set up at D