La Face cachée de la lune

With La face cachée de la lune, we achieve on stage what Pink Floyd never did themselves, namely the sequenced parts and sound effects. Today synthesizers are no more confined in studios. They became stage instruments. We give the audience the opportunity to discover the research process behind the album. The Pink Floyd's studio made live in front of you!




In order to respect the richness of sound at best, we have been extremely careful about the sound work, leaving aside easy solutions which often misrepresent the band's music in previous restitution projects (replacement of the acoustic piano with an electric piano, digital synthesizers).

Designed by Thierry Balasse with the complicity of Laurent Dailleau

Yannick Boudruche / Elisabeth Gilly / Julien Padovani / Olivier Lété / Benoit Meurant / Cécile Maisonhaute / Eric Groleau / Eric Lohrer / Thierry Balasse

Music by Pink Floyd, Directed by Thierry Balasse. Set design and lights by Yves Godin.


Estimated length 75 minutes

Technical information: Dimensions minimum of the stage: Width: 13 meters (wall to wall) 12 meters minimum at the frame  // Depth: 12 meters // Height: 7 meters

NB: mixing-desk must be in the audience (not under a balcony or close to the wall)

Tour team: 13 people (9 musicians, 3 engineers and a tour manager)

Arrival of the technical team D-2  // Set up at D-1