Concert pour le temps présent

The Concert pour le temps present is an instrumental re-creation of La Messe pour le temps present, composed by Pierre Henry and Michel Colombier in 1967. The music was recorded in a studio, and since then it has only been heard in that original recorded version. The main idea behind the show is to perform the work live.




The concert program is completed by a Pierre Henry piece on a loudspeaker orchestra and by a work by Thierry Balasse, Fusion AAN, using past and present technologies, such as a sound controller, feedback rings or prepared piano... Thus this show offers three new works, three creations, for three different ways to listen to sounds.

Elise Blanchard / Antonin Rayon / Cécile Maisonhaute / Benoit Meurant / Eric Groleau / Eric Lohrer / Thierry Balasse

Music by Pierre Henry, Michel Colombier and Thierry Balasse. Directed by Thierry Balasse. Set design and lights by Yves Godin.


Estimated length: 70 minutes

Technical information: Dimensions minimum of the stage: Width: 12 meters minimum at the frame // Depth: 12 meters // Height: 10 meters

NB: mixing-desk must be in the audience (not under a balcony or close to the wall)

Tour team: 12 people: 7 musicians and 4 stage managers (general manager + light, two sound managers and a floor manager) and a tour manager

Arrival of the technical team D-2 // Set up at D-1